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Caracas at night, Venezuela The Yellow House, Plaza Bolivar, Caracas, Venezula Casa Natal, Simon Bolivars birthplace, Caracas, Venezula Concentration, men playing chess in a street café, Caracas, Venezuela El Sapo Waterfalls, Canaima, Venezuela
Swimming at El Sapo Waterfalls, Canaima, Venezuela Canoe on the river Caroni, near Angel Falls, Canaima, Venezuela Tepuis - Tabletop mountains, Canaima, Venezuela Angel Falls, Canaima, Venezuela Tourists at Angel Falls, Canaima, Venezuela
Sunset over Angostura Bridge, Rio Orinoco, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela Cathedral, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela Colonial architecture, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela Pink Spoonbills, Los Llanos, Venezuela Giant Anteater, Los Llanos, Venezuela
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